What kind of location suits your campaign?

BUENOS AIRES [BA - BsAs - Baires]
A huge and vibrant metropolis. It has been called the Paris of South America, and it’s true that many parts resemble Europe. Which of course is a great advantage when shooting for European brands.

BA holds a great variety of architecture: loads of old colonial style and art deco, but also high-tech skyscrapers and contemporary glass constructions. Trashed walls covered with graffiti or torn posters. That beautiful patina. Fashionable bars and lounges, state of the art hotels. Creative style offices or everyday boring ones. Super designed restaurants. Monumental buildings or suburban villas. Old tango cafés. The harbour, the subway. Cosy cobblestone streets or 16 lane avenues. Huge shopping malls and tiny pizza take-outs. You can find just about everything.

The South with lots of Scandianavian style forest. Mountains and alps with snow, magical lakes and lots of green. Alp villages and ski resorts like Bariloche and San Martin de los Andes. Tierra del Fuego in the far South, which is close to the Antarctic.


The land of wine, straight west of Buenos Aires in the mid Andes. Lush valleys, mountains and deserts.

North of Mendoza. Beautiful deserts and red canyons, resembling the Wild West.

In the middle. Horse ranches on vast prairies. Century-old estancias, luxury mansions for rent, like in many other regions.

North-west of Buenos Aires. Forest hills, valleys and rivers. Great for adventure sports, such as hang-gliding, climbing, canoeing, rallycross etc. Fine golf courses. Old Jesuit churches. And east of Córdoba the grand rivers that flow into Rio de la Plata.

You reach Uruguay and its fantastic beaches by ferry within hours. Montevideo is like a smaller version of BsAs, ideal for low cost production.


Snow-white land of crackled salt in Jujuy, like another planet. Jungles in Misiones - the tropical Northeast. Amazing waterfalls in Iguazú and Obera.

Transports are in general very good and inexpensive.